Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lindsay Got Engaged

I am actually dumbfounded and a tad speechless so please bare with me here. Ya know what? I'll just say it and get it off my chest. First off its hard to believe that after trying to "boost her image" that Lindsay would be caught out in an outfit like this, that clearly shows off her tits. (ponders this).... I guess it shouldn't surprise me, I mean somethings just never change. And secondly,how and or why in the hell would a 22 year old son of a Billionaire even think of asking Lindsay to marry him? Well he did, she said yes and the ring is HUGE. I just don't get it I mean Lindsay must have something very serious that we common folk just don't know about, (as in seriously good sex) to pull this off. Just think of the wedding she s going to try and have on T.V. to top Kim's.

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