Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did I Do That?

What the fuck its Urkel, oh wait its just a-look-a like imposter. This picture is wrong on so many fucking levels. I mean seriously I feel bad even posting this, fuck it ok I lied. In my best Urkel voice, (want some breakfast Laura).
This dumb ass has lady gaga glasses on with a fucking bra are you serious man? As if the fucking garters on them chicken legs of yours isn't bad enough. Urkel dressed like a girl who would of ever thought it?
You sitting there in that chair cooking like its no big deal. Is your transvestite lover taking this picture? Look he loves sausage, just check out whats in the pan. Do you realize you are giving, "brothas" a bad name here? Put some fucking clothes on ya homo.
Oh wait I understand this now your, "Dom" is making you dress like this for being bad right?


  1. LMFAO I can't even believe it... who the hell in their right mind would allow a picture like this to be taken? LOL

  2. First off this dumb ass had to lose some damn bet to even dress like this or he wants to feel close to his feminine side. Either way I would be kicking someone else to of taking my picture and putting it on the web ...Second ?? why is is ok for females to have skinny legs but when a guy has skinny legs they are called " chicken legs" kind of double standard there TazMan don't you think...

  3. Well him wanting to feel close to his feminine side was sure a given no? And obviously he enjoyed his picture taken look at his face.
    umm I have told ladies they have chicken legs also. There is no double standard, maybe you should go back and re read some of the blogs.

  4. I disagree that is a WTF you want face .......... and as for re reading your blogs no thanks MAYBE I have missed you calling a lady "chicken legs" on a blog but I doubt it considering you mostly say you want their legs wrapped around some type of your body part..however thanks for pointing out to me that you do not have double standards on your blog it is nice to know

  5. holy fuck are you 2 married?