Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yanet Is Damn Fine

Its about time to go and watch the games, don't even ask "what games". Before I go let me just leave you with this photo-shoot that Yanet Garcia did for some magazine a while back. I don't know much about this young lady other than she is HOT AS HELL and makes it really hard to keep my hands on the keyboard at all times. Time to jet, just Google her if ya like.

Selena Shows Some Skin

Remember Selena Gomez? Come on people you remember her, she was that cute little girl that got her start on Barney. You know she dated Justin Beiber like 20 times and probably will again in the near future. Well she is all grown up now and even cussing. I swear to you, I wouldn't lie. Just look at these pictures of her in this slutty outfit and than read this       Told ya so!

Lindsay Got Engaged

I am actually dumbfounded and a tad speechless so please bare with me here. Ya know what? I'll just say it and get it off my chest. First off its hard to believe that after trying to "boost her image" that Lindsay would be caught out in an outfit like this, that clearly shows off her tits. (ponders this).... I guess it shouldn't surprise me, I mean somethings just never change. And secondly,how and or why in the hell would a 22 year old son of a Billionaire even think of asking Lindsay to marry him? Well he did, she said yes and the ring is HUGE. I just don't get it I mean Lindsay must have something very serious that we common folk just don't know about, (as in seriously good sex) to pull this off. Just think of the wedding she s going to try and have on T.V. to top Kim's.

Maria Leaving The Set

37 years old and Maria Menounos just continues to get sexier. I am actually not even sure how that is possible but just look at these pictures of her. That body of hers is absolutely bangin'. Kind of hard to look away huh?

Adriana Plays With Herself

That is one seriously lucky lady putting her hands all over Adrian Lima over there. Most men would actually die to be able to change places with her. Oh, wait, that is just Adriana touching a wax statue of herself a few months ago at the unveiling party. I do have to point this out, the real life version of the Brazilian MILF looks a ton better.

Heidi Gets Her Ass Kissed

You've probably already seen these pictures of Heidi Klum and her man, I just had to show them again. Remember people Heidi looks better in her bikini at 42 (and having 4 kids) than most ladies in their 20's look today period. The real story here should actually be just how well her "man" knows his place. I mean come on look at him, right smack in the middle of her ass. This man should be worshiped.

Bella Chills In France

I am NOT even going to try and lie here, damn Bella Hadid is looking scrumptious in that bikini. I have to admit, she does put her sister to shame. The 19 year spent some time out relaxing while in France and man, just look at that body of hers. She left absolutely nothing to the imagination of anyone.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

American Idol Is Over

I just had this huge post in my head that I was  going to write because American Idol is ending and all, but I already know that we , "the world" will continue to get to see Jennifer Lopez and that awesome MILF body of hers. If you don't believe me just look at that skirt she is wearing and how tightly it clings to her curves, (mainly her ass). I lost interest in A I years ago but will never ever loose interest in that luscious booty of J-Lo's

Joanna Plays On A Yacht

I have a question for you all. Doesn't Joanna Krupa just look amazing while having some fun on a yacht in a very skimpy bikini? One of my all time favorite Polish ladies left pretty much nothing left to the imagination (isn't the first or last time). I can honestly say I am oh so glad that her 15 minutes of fame isn't up yet. OMG, just look at that booty of hers.