Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ok can I ?

Fuck me ok I lost it now, almost splurged on the key board. This lady is sexy as fuck and just look at that look in her eyes. "She is like come here young man I have something for you"
What a fucking tease you are, don't get mad i love a tease especially a sexy one like you. Your shirt says look, trust me I have been. I can't tell you how many times I have had to do spell check since looking at your picture.
Your shirt also says, "touch" can I please? I know they are fake but so what. Let me just touch them and massage them for a few minutes. You even have a fucking sexy belly button.
I need to call it a day, I think I am in love. 


  1. Actually I don't think Ann's tits are fake... but maybe... she's the ultimate tease in the porn industry that's for sure... sexy as fuck!

  2. You have any idea how many pictures of this woman I have seen?

  3. well unless you have NO clue what a fake tit looks like you should know she has em. Go back and look at all the pics.

  4. I know just fine... perhaps you are the one that should go look at more pics of her