Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Marissa In Malibu

Most people had a 3 day weekend and I must say its good to be back. The weekend was pretty awesome, a whole lot of sun, good food and drinks. Now its back to work as usual and well just feast your eyes on these pictures of Marissa Everhart. This isn't her first photo shoot for 138 Water but its by far the BEST. I guess 138 Water and their PR team has been reading Twitter and other Social Media because they are officially stepping up their game. You tell me just how many ladies they have had do photo shoots for them while being topless? Yeah, my point exactly. They went and recruited an ex Playmate that loves to be nude and here are the results. Remember folks it is #tittytuesday and the blond bombshell known as Marissa seems to have a pretty nice/big "rack" on her.

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