Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The 2015 - 2016 NBA Season

Lets try and get our heads out of the gutter for the time being and focus on something else. Tonight starts the 2015 / 2016 Basketball season. Yes, I know there are so many sports on right now at the same time you get a headache just trying to keep up with them all, and there is no way you can watch them all but the talk is interesting and fun.

I am a huge Warrior's fan and always have been, I also like the sport in general and a lot of players from different teams. I do think that the West is going to be a seriously hard division this year (even harder than the last umpteen previous years.) Its to hard to say that the Bulls can go all the way because Mr. Rose can't even stay healthy enough to get to the playoffs. I see (if they all play and stay healthy) that Cleveland will go back to the finals. I really don't see all  that much of a threat for them. The billionaire owners in the East are going to learn yet again that money just can't buy a championship nor can it buy chemistry to win a championship. There could be a chance that the Pacers could step up but I doubt it. With their Big "3" Cleveland just has to much talent and to many weapons.

The majority of the teams in the West are going to be huge and it is the toughest division. Don't you worry yourself, the Lakers will NOT be in the playoffs. There is one problem with the Lakers these days and hopefully after this year he will be GONEZO. As much as a Warrior fan I am and as big of a (Legit) star that Stephen is now, I am just not sure about this year. There is no doubt on this planet that Step and the Warrior's are the real deal. I suppose we will see as it plays out but you do have some seriously strong teams that have depth and the capability of ousting the Warriors this year. You have these teams:

OKC - They have been a strong contender for last few years, they just need one piece (the right piece) to bring them a ring.
Dallas - I am just not so sure they have it anymore. Remember the whole "Billionaire" thing?
L.A. Clippers - Such a strong team with amazing talent, sad part is there is just no chemistry on that team to carry them through the playoffs and to a ring. Although marred with controversy (their last owner being a racist piece of shit) I thought things would change with Doc Rivers there but than again the coach can't make the team have chemistry nor can their Billionaire owner (obviously).
Huston Rockets - Now this team has some talent and in the last couple years have come together pretty well. They have made the playoffs and actually could go a whole lot further if Dwight would just take CONTROL. The dude is a beast and could put this team on the map if he chooses.
San Antonio Spurs - IMO this is the Warrior's biggest challenge in the West this year. Remember people the core five of this team and the coach have been together forever and they never go out without a fight. They added a couple good players to their roster this year and I just feel that Duncan is going to be hungrier than ever especially since this may just be his final year.

My prediction will probably change a million times and although I would love to see a Spur's / Warrior's final (it can't ever happen) I will choose now who I think will be in it and win. I am very torn here because I am a huge Warrior's fan I just think Mr. Duncan is going to be an absolute tear this year with something to prove.

In the finals you will have the Spurs vs. Cleveland and Mr. Duncan will destroy and devastate Lebron once again.

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