Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Damn! Khloe, Damn!

Is it just me or is Khloe becoming like the BEST Kardashian ever and also the sexiest. Just look at her on the red carpet last month in what looks like a robe that she would wear around the house, (yes we know its a dress, but still). Khloe has been in the spotlight as of late and telling all. I just love how down to earth she is and not as stuck up as some of her other sisters. (Won't mention any names). Whatever her diet and workout is sure is working and most should start doing the same routine. At 5'10" tall just look at that body of hers, and in this blue robe wrap around dress she wore she showed a whole lot of leg and cleavage. Yes, I am a huge Khloe fan, always have been.

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