Monday, April 20, 2015

Kim And Her Trench Coat

I suppose I will always be in the dark when it comes to Kim Kardashian. I mean lets be honest here for a minute, although she pretty much got big from a (sex tape) I do have some respect for her as to what she has done in the last 5 years or so, OK, I lied, I have no respect once so ever for this lady, she  only married Kanye for him fame and to make herself bigger, in my eyes she has no fashion sense at all (how hard is it really to dress like a hooker on a daily basis?) and last but not least 90% of her is FAKE. I guess in reality you have to give he respect for how big of a social media icon Kim has become. Her powers on social media are absolutely off the charts. It absolutely boggles my mind why ladies are going to plastic surgeons by the millions to try and look like her. Sure I love a "thick" lady and a nice pair of boobs and or really nice ass but I like it "real", there is just waay to much fake going on with Kim and now you have her half sister Kendall following in her footsteps. I am sorry but Kendall NEVER had this much ass, than again neither did Kim tell a few years ago.

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