Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Justin Knows He Is Hung

I am more than positive that everyone has heard about the naked pictures of Justin Bieber that leaked a little over a week ago, remember his dad even tweeted about them, (which was fucking weird in its own right). You probably already know than how Justin was so pissed off that they were taken without his permission and he wanted to sue the world. Hey you can't blame him. I mean in one aspect if you're not all that big down there it could ruin your rep with the girlies and even with the bro's, (hence being mad), or it could work in your favor.Not even 10 minutes after those pictures surfaced Justin was singing a different tune. It seemed that more people were telling him just how nice "he" looked and how hung he was. You know damn well there is NO man on the face of this earth that would sue after a lady told him he was "hung". You actually don't believe me than I have some stock id love to sell you that is a "for sure thing".  If only one good thing came out of this its that in no way did Justin let Canada down.

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