Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Charlie And Her Amazing Body

 I am pretty sure the shirt that Charlie is wearing translates into something like "Damn girl you have a HUGE chest".  I mean you can clearly see her breasts and nipples through that wet shirt. OK, maybe it says something to the fact that "lord have mercy that is one amazing ass". Whatever it says I am sure its good, just look at these pictures of Charlie Riina posing for 138 Water on the beach. I had to Google her to learn a little about her and found out she was born in Poland. which makes perfect sense with that beautiful skin she has. Oh and another thing, she was in Playboy and man.... Just I never thought I would say this about a lady I don't even know but I actually think I am in LOVE. Keep that on the download people, trust me no one really reads these posts I do they just look at the pictures.

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