Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Some News

So much has happened in the last week, that some of it is still hard to grasp for some. Not only is the internet being overly filled with Black Friday deals but Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Time to eat some amazing foods and spend time with family. Its a damn shame that stores feel the need to open on Thanksgiving now (well it is the knuckleheads that have nothing better to do after dinner that wanted it this way).
 If your into sports and are a Raider fan than you will love this. They FINALLY won a game and it was against the first place Kansas City Chiefs. To be fair and honest, the Raiders suck so damn bad I actually didn't think they would win a game all year. There were also some upsets this past week in Football.
 Sunday was also a busy day for watching TV. Not only was football on all day but in the evening WWE Survivor Series was on. Which saw the "Stinger" in a WWE ring for the first time in history. It was a pretty awesome sight for wrestling fans old and new.
 The American Music Awards were also on. For some reason Eminem started a beef with a few ladies in the last month or so and well on Sunday night one of the ladies he started shit with (Iggy) beat him out of an award. In no way did Iggy deserve to win best rap record. The girl can't even rap, than again that is what this decades music has come to I suppose. Maybe she was voted to win so her feelings wouldn't be all that hurt.
 And of course yesterday was a pretty shitty day for a whole lot of people, especially in the Ferguson, MO.  My heart goes out to both of those families. Its a damn shame that the police officer got off but you had to of known it was going to happen. The sad reality is that sometimes certain things just never change. The media coverage of these events doesn't help much either. They shove all these false lies onto the TV and internet and than wonder why whole cities and towns act out.
 With the holidays approaching pretty fast hopefully every single one of you will have an awesome but safe time with family and friends.

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