Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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I know that in the last few months I haven't blogged much and for that I am sorry. Life has just got in the way as of late. I PROMISE you that very soon I will be back to my regular blogging.

Things have been pretty hectic it seems everywhere as of late. A ton of celebrities have passed in the first couple months of this new year, the latest one being Vanity. (RIP girl)

The Superbowl and all its festivities were off the hook. ( I will have some pictures soon)

The NBA all star game happened and I absolutely agree that the 3 point competition was the BEST part of the events.

The Grammy's happened and if you did watch them you were treated to pretty much the same ole boring shit that went on last year and the years before.  I liked when Gaga did the Anthem for the Superbowl but she sure failed in her David Bowie tribute/

I also have been working on another site that will be launched very soon. Details we be made more clear in the weeks to come. Until then here are some oldies but goodies. These pictures are because of the heat we have felt here in the last couple weeks. I can't believe its actually beach weather in February.

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