Monday, June 8, 2015

Kim Shows Her Body Off

Don't get to excited but these are pictures of Kim while out on her way somewhere last week. You can clearly see Kim's nipples and ass through that tight ass dress she is wearing. Just your average "Kim" attire. Its also a fact that she is pregnant with child number 2 and is due in December.Its also true that she gained her fame from a sex tape and now has a phone app out that has made her, oh about 100 million or so. (not making this shit up folks its out there). I have never done the math but I would bet that Kim probably has more Twitter followers than all the porn stars (male and female) have combined. Oh, and she is the first lady in the U.S. to ever have a "selfie" book out and its actually selling, this young lady can do no wrong. Its also a fact that she married Kanye because she truly loves him (I don't just make this shit up). Oh, on the Kanye tip, its also true that today is his Birthday and Kim rented out the Staples Center for him and his friends to be able to play a real Basketball game. Kim went all out and even hired real NBA Refs and shit.

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