Monday, April 20, 2015

Ana Just Doing Some Stretches

Its a known fact that Monday's suck but on this day, (which happens to be a Monday) if these pictures of Ana don't make you have to readjust a little in your chair than I am not sure what else to do for ya. The former Playmate from Brazil is seen getting her stretches on last week and folks my jaw is still just about on the floor from looking at these pictures. Its no secret now as to what position the lovely Ana likes the best. Lord have mercy, i'd love to be behind her while she is doing some of those stretches, and from the looks of things it would be seriously fun. The long blonde hair, those nice muscular legs, that jiggly booty she has, oh how i'd love to just "smack" it a few times. Fuck, now I did it, be back later......

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