Friday, August 15, 2014

Ronda At The Expendables Premiere

A few days ago in Hollywood they had the premiere for "Expendables 3", which just about every single person in this world has already seen. The movie leaked online and was downloaded like a zillion times. Anyways, back to the post, the lovely Ronda Rousey made a huge appearance. This time she wasn't wearing MMA gear or gloves she was actually dressed in a beautiful gown and matching heels. The gown is awesome people just look at the pictures. Ronda shows not only some awesome legs but also some very nice cleavage. I understand that she loves to fight but I just don't get it, a lady this beautiful and amazing should be a model or better. Don't let the good looks and amazing body fool you people she will knock you the fuck out if you look at her wrong.

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