Monday, January 27, 2014

What A Pathetic Pay-Per View

 I know seeing a wrestling post on this site is so unlike me but after last night I just have to. I sat and watched the Royal Rumble and I was very disappointed, probably like most of the fans were. I been watching the WWE since I was a little kid, back in the Hogan and Andre days, than the attitude era and so on. Last night was a lousy show and honestly the WWE and Vince McMahon should be ashamed. The BIGGEST star they have right now is Daniel Bryan and not only did he lose to Bray Wyatt but he also wasn't even entered into the Royal Rumble match itself. This dude has the crowd going like no other superstar has or can since Mr. Stone Cold himself. The so called "Authority" needs to pull their heads out there asses and change a few things. Batista just barely came back to the ring and although he is friends with HHH he did NOT deserve to win the Royal Rumble match. At the very least they could of let Roman Reigns win. My god that man is a beast. (Yawns) The Orton and Cena match was absolutely pathetic for a championship match. And well who could of ever guessed that Brok would of destroyed the Big Show (rolls eyes). Listen the WWE is about to launch their biggest thing ever to date when your able next month to pay $10 a month and see every pay-per view of the year plus watch any and all old content from the WWE, ECW, and WCW but before that happens they really need to step up their game.To the Authority, you say you're all about the WWE Universe and you want to give the people what they want, well take your head out your asses and start fucking listening to the people. Randy Orton is NOT whats best for business you fucking douche bags.

On another note, isn't this Bray one very scary, weird, obnoxious character? I actually like the dude, I wish he had been around in the Attitude era. He would of walked up to Stone Cold like that and got a stunner. For a guy of his size, walking in that position must be a bitch.

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