Friday, November 11, 2011

Lindsay In Playboy

Here we go, the pictures of Lindsay Lohan in Playboy. This lady is fucking disgusting, I mean really Playboy paid this lady? They should of airbrushed these pictures just a tad more. I can't believe that as a long time subscription holder I will actually be mailed one of these copies. Hey at least I don't have to pay the full price for it like some people will. 
 Although this bitch really makes me sick I think the nicest part of these pictures is the fact that she has tits. Its about all she has. Them brown teeth have just got to go. She could of at least got a fucking "spray" tan before she posed for these pictures.


  1. lol that is pretty much what i said

  2. Can you give her credit for at least trying to cover her face so you would look at her tits