Monday, June 20, 2011


Weird Al you have done it yet again. Through the years you have made some raunchy, funny and yet risqué videos, I honestly think this one tops them all. This video is fucking hilarious and 10 times better than the Lady Gaga version. This has got to be a classic right out the gate.
You putting your head on a ladies body and just the way she acted is phenomenal. The lyrics are funny as fuck. Parodies are awesome and Weird Al your one of the BEST at doing them. Just look at the way you come out of the egg and the outfit and a lot of the costumes. I think the funniest one is when she dressed in the famous, “meat outfit”. And the way she dances is fucking hilarious. This video is just too much. Watch the video when it gets to 2:08 the costumes are awesome, Frankenstein, Avatar and a few others.
At the end of the video watch this girl dance, pretty limber if you ask me.

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