Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ronda Before And During The Fight

The pictures above were from last month, Ronda Rousey was in serious training for her upcoming fight, which happened this past Saturday night (picture below) and as the world already knows she got her ass handed to her. Look, Ronda got beat so damn bad she had to have plastic surgery and doesn't even want to be seen. Most say that she deserved it (for how much shit she talks and thinking she is the greatest and all), some people feel for her. The truth is anyone can be beat on any given day, well except for I guess one man (we won't even go there).
Its funny when you're on top of the world you're loved and wanted, when ya get beat the world (especially the social network world) comes down on ya and hard. I just don't think Ronda took her opponent's boxing skills all the serious. And than when dazed enough she just about kicked the neck and face almost off Rhonda. Ronda, girl I know you're broken now but you will come back and kick some serious butt. Maybe, just maybe you should actually train this time.

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