Friday, August 2, 2013

Helen Enjoys A Night Out

By the look on Helen's face and the outfit she has on it surely was one amazing night she had out a few nights ago. The only problem with her outfit is that she didn't have a thong on. Sure the dress was see thru in the back but that is exactly what its for. So either she was being modest or it was "that time of the month". Helen has waaaaay to nice of an ass to walk around in granny panties. You ask how I know this, come on people this young lady absolutely loves to show her amazing body off. She has no shame in showing them impressive breasts of hers off to the world and for that we all love her. I mean come on folks, it takes a "real" lady to understand she has an awesome set and well to brag about it. She has every damn right to brag, that chest of hers is fucking amazing and get this, they are "REAL". Yeah I know, pretty absurd at this day and age huh. Here is an idea for you Helen, please wear a thong next time you go out like this and struggle to get in the car. clearly showing that sexy ass of yours off.

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