Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sexting Lady

Folks this is Sydney ya know the lady that sent Mr. Anthony Weiner all those racy sext messages, and well he also sent racy ones back. Mr. Weiner, what in the fuck were you thinking? You are already married and trying to run for Mayor, yet you ruin your life sext messaging this 23 year old "beached whale"? I always thought whales were suppose to stay in the water. Obviously this "photo shoot", if you want to call it that was clearly staged. I am sure she had her friend take these pics or called some very desperate photographer to let them know what beach she would be at. I actually can't believe anyone would of wanted naked pictures of this lady, and to think Vivid has contacted her about possibly doing some porn. I guess she would fit right into that business as she already loves sending naked pics via text message to guys that are old enough to be her dad.
I did some research on this girl and it seems she just LOVES to take old dudes, married dudes, any kind of dudes as long as they are rich. She loves being paid to let men use her and calls it easy money. So she is basically a prostitute that allows men to do what they want to her while she lays there acting bored just to collect some money. The pathetic part of this you ask, first off its the fact that anyone would even pay this girl more than 50 cents to do anything to her. Secondly, its the fact that she takes to social media sites to brag about what she is doing and how she is basically just using these men, ya know the whole "Sugar Daddy" thing. It's disgusting that this lady is even getting 15 minutes of fame.

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