Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Night Ever

Look, I normally don't write posts about concerts but right now I feel the need. I went and saw the Kid Rock this past Sunday night and let me just say this, he put on one fucking amazing show. It was Uncle Kracker, ZZ Top and Kid Rock. Now remember he set off on this tour to do something different, special, amazing, use whatever word ya would like and he pulled it off in my eyes. Tickets were $20, there were beers for $4, shirts for $20 and a few good food deals. I saw him at the Shoreline in Mountain View, one of the best venues around.
A ton of the critics out there didn't think he could pull this off. Most people said the only reason Kid Rock was doing this was because he is getting old and stale and can't pack stadiums anymore. Look people ZZ Top could of sold this concert out by themselves at $20. And you know damn well the tickets were selling for $150+ on StubHub.com.  To the critics that put this show down I say "FUCK YOU" wake up and get a clue. Kid Rock might have some miles on him but he is still very capable of rocking the fuck out. If you are a fan of music and get the opportunity to see this show than you should. He took his play list way back and even did some of his earlier stuff. He played for about an hour and half and just absolutely ROCKED the place.  Below are just a few pictures from the show.

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