Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

 Just take a look at this fucking house. This thing looks like a resort in Vegas or something. Oh how I wish sometimes I was rich. Could you imagine owning this and having a different lady in each room. Yeah what a fantasy. This has to be my favorite one. Just look at the size of that pool. Anyone for skinny dipping?

 This house right here looks like something that would be in Disneyland. Its fucking huge, you could almost move a whole city in there.
This one if fucking amazing also. Just look at the pool almost looks like you can swim right over the edge. Wow must be nice to be rich and or be able to afford this kind of stuff. Can you imagine with the electrical bill and water bill would cost you a month on this house?

I just put these up because they looked cool. Here is the link read more about them if you like. Me personally I think I will put in a bid on the first one. They will have to take a substantial loss but it would be worth it.


  1. I'll take the last one a cute pool boy to go along with it thank you so much :-)

  2. Lol you do realize I run a free no making money site here right? I was dreaming when I said I was going to buy one, and you'd have to be happy with that. Lol at pool boy, that wouldn't happen, I wouldn't even be able to afford the cost of the water to put in the pool

  3. Oh yes I realize... time for you to get another job... or learn how to clean pools ;-)

  4. yeah good luck with those options

  5. LMFAOOOOOOO didn't think you'd like those options hehehe ;-)